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The Fizzy News  Got something to say? A Fizz Photo? Send it in.   
People really do win !!!

"I know it has been a while since I received the tap from you guys. I finally got to use it. It worked amazing. I currently work for Manafirkin Brewery in Manahawkin, NJ. I allowed them to use it for a wedding and it worked amazingly. Since then they have used it multiple times. I am trying to talk them into buying some for themselves."

Sean Griffin

Spirits Unlimited sponsored a great beer event at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey on Saturday, June 2nd and Mr Fizz was there in full force! We pulled out our custom trailer and put on the sun block for this festive drink-a-thon.


The Leland Co2 PicnicTap? contest was a huge success with over 400 people entering for a chance to win. Mr Fizz educated dozens of people on the benefits of using CO2, verses hand pumping air into their favorite beverage.   

If you notice in the picture above, Chris was clearly hanging around our trailer eyeing up a prize long before the drawing.

Although he came alone seeking only beer and companionship, he went home with a beautiful model... of a beer tap that is.


Enjoy Chris, and we look forward to seeing you lurking around our trailer again.

We still haven't figured out these three, but we did see them accumulating more new friends as they strutted around with the  Leland CO2 Picnictap?.
It should be noted that they all had many more beads when they arrived. Not sure what they traded for, but  winning  the big prize that night sure made them smile.
Congrats to Seiler of Jersey!

Jason is showing off the length of his middle finger as a true confirmation that he plays lacrosse for the University of Maryland. (he didn't think we knew that)

Now, for his next act, on his 21st birthday, dad takes him to the beer fest and he wins the CO2 PicnicTap? FRAT PARTY!!

Once the finger came out,  only Allison would get in the picture. She kept telling  him to 'put that away'.

While Laura won the prize, her significant other had  plans for it  right away. Apparently,  they are using dorm refrigerators as night stands on either side of their bed.

She keeps wine coolers on her side and he plans to have the Leland CO2 FridgeTap? installed on his side but modified so the beer hose and faucet are on the headboard! Fill 'er up.  You can only do that with the Leland  CO2 beer  products. 

Atlantic City - March 30 and 31, 2012 - Once again the Beer and Music Fest rolled into town and Mr. Fizz was busy setting up and preparing for this popular event. There were 3 sessions in which we held a drawing for either a Leland CO2 FridgeTap? , CO2 PicnicTap? or a CO2 FlexHoseTap?. With over 800 entries filled out during the show, it was clear that people really wanted to win.

Here are some scenes from the show and some winners too!

And the proud winners...

David B. of North Jersey. He said that he did not know that pumping air into the beer made it go flat. Well Dave, now you know AND you have a CO2 PicnicTap? so your beer will never go flat again!
Nancy S. of Central NJ won the prize but her friend would not let go of it. C'mon Nancy, take charge of that beer. Nancy said she last got a keg 3 months ago. Sounds like it's time for a road trip to go get another. Enjoy!
Josh L. of Central NJ was spotted with the prize and these people became his new best friends. Good job Josh! This was the 1st time Josh saw the Leland CO2 products and when describing them he just muttered "Cool".
Josh H. of Central NJ did not win anything but his picture was posted here to represent Chris Z and Sonja S of Long Island NY, both winners of the contest who left the show before we could give them a hug and a tap. Or was that a tug and a...

Atlantic City NJ - April 1 & 2 -The 2011 Beerfest rolled in to the Atlantic City Convention Center and over 18,000 thirsty beer lovers came and sampled beer from around the world. Mr Fizz was on hand with a display of the CO2 PicnicTap? and the now famous CO2 FridgeTap? refrigerator conversion kit.

Leland? gave away 6 FridgeTaps? to lucky winners at the event. Here is a look at the lucky ones that we could hold down long enough for photo. By drawing time everything was blurry, so these photos are actually very clear.

We'll get the other pictures posted after the hangover wears off. Notice the creative use of a buddy's back to fill out the contest form.


The Fizzy News  WTF SECTION - Random Pictures and Thoughts
Kegerator Conversion Kit Spotted at Trade Show
What fits in one hand, weighs less than 3 pounds and supplies enough beverage grade CO2 to push and preserve the beer from one 1/4 keg or two 1/6 kegs?
The Leland KCK product. P/N 50585
1 Regulator for the 5/8" CO2 TapGas
? Cylinders
1 Mounted 416 Stainless Steel Bracket - to hang regulator on keg rim
1 Gas hose with swivel standard gas nut
It will take longer to get rid of that giant heavy refillable cylinder and complex regulator than it will to install our kit.

1 out of 4 kegs was filled with Birch Beer.
100 people drank
100 degrees out
100 pounds of ice
99 people went swimming
1 kept moving the shade tent over the kegs.
Site: A remote farm in Somerset County New Jersey. Equipment: Leland CO2 PicnicTaps? fitted with brewery approved clean CO2 TapGas? cylinders