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Leland CO2 TapGas®
  The cylinders are packaged in a convenient 2 pack. Use both cylinders for 1/2 kegs, use only 1 cylinder for 1/4 and the new 1/6 kegs.
Cylinders are packed in a recyclable PET 2 pack. There are 12 of these 2 packs per shipping carton.
50502 Leland CO2 TapGas® Cylinders 1/2 Keg Pack 2 pack

Authorized resellers receive highly competitive quantity discounts.

  New packaging saves precious trees! Leland has converted many of its paperboard based packages over to recyclable PET packages in a companywide effort to reduce paperboard. This initiative first began by analyzing paperboard consumption for all sold products. The majority of usage was in replacement cylinder packaging for the popular CO2TapGas® products which support the Leland CO2 PicnicTap® product line.

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