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How do I make seltzer?
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How long does a cylinder last?
Where can I get refill cylinders?
Where can I get spare parts?

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Before using your new syphon, remove Head, Syphon Tube and the Over Fill Sleeve. To remove Over Fill Sleeve, turn Charge Holder upside down. Place Charge Holder bottom into open area on Over Fill Sleeve and turn Charge Holder until Over Fill Sleeve pulls out. Rinse all parts under running water and reassemble. Follow these four simple steps to make Instant Soda:
It's Simple Fizzx
  1. Press overfill sleeve firmly into top of the bottle. This is vital. This sleeve measures the correct amount of water leaving enough space at the top of the bottle for the CO2 carbonating gas.
  2. Fill bottle with cold water from the tap or from a chilled bottle of spring water . . . the colder the better. When water overflows, the bottle is full. Do not try to add more water. Some empty space in the bottles is necessary for the CO2 carbonating gas.
  3. Reassemble the syphon tube and washer and screw on the head firmly to avoid leaks.
  4. Slip the CO2 Seltzer Charger into the charge holder and screw onto head. Turn it on as far as possible. The piercing pin will release the carbonation from the CO2 charger. Finally, shake the syphon vigorously several times to mix the carbonation with the water. You are now ready to dispense soda by gently depressing the lever.
After the charger has been pierced, you may remove the empty cylinder and slip the thread cap over the threads.

Large 2 quart syphons must be double-charged. Remove the first charger after piercing, shake the syphon and pierce a second charger.


Helpful Hint: The colder the water the better the soda. Always store your filled syphon in the refrigerator. If you can, charge your syphon an hour or two ahead of time and store it cold.

Flavored Soda: Do not add flavors to the syphon. Put the flavoring in each glass. Use various flavors to the taste of each guest: colas, ginger ale, lemon, orange, apple, wine for spritzers, and even chocolate. Think of your syphon as a home soda fountain.

How Soda is Made . . .
Solubility is the Secret!
Whether you buy soda in fancy bottles from the springs of France, of the Italian highlands, or the woods of Maine what you get depends on the solubility of carbon dioxide gas in water - just as you learned in Chemistry I.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a tasteless, colorless, and odorless gas. With persuasion, CO2 will dissolve in water and when you drink carbonated water, the CO2 will prickle in your mouth in a clean and pleasant way. The more CO2 hidden in the water the fresher and more thirst-quenching it will be.

Carbon dioxide occurs naturally in the air. Plants and trees inhale carbon dioxide and you exhale it with each breath. But CO2 does not get in the water you drink unless something forces it to be there. Nature can do this in deep natural wells or you can do it mechanically with a soda syphon. It takes a lot of persuasion to convince the carbon dioxide to dissolve in water. At the first chance, it will escape into the air. Pressure forces the CO2 into the water, the higher the pressure the better.

Another thing helps solubility: low temperature. The colder the water the more CO2 it will accept. is high pressure and low temperature that makes good soda.

Now you can see why drinks go "flat." Carbon dioxide is an unwelcome visitor. The moment a drink warms up, the CO2 sees its chance and escapes.

Some people judge a glass of soda by the big bubbles that rush to freedom. But these bubbles are lost carbonation. They help your house plants but not your taste buds. When you do not see bubbles in your glass, you know you have made soda that will tingle your tongue. (Make a test: Put your finger into a glass of soda and watch the dissolved bubbles "grow" on your fingertip in their rush to get free.)

CO2 + Cold Water = Crystal Soda

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Cleaning Your Syphon
We do not recommend using your household dishwasher because the detergent is harsh on the parts. Clean them by hand with mild soap and let air dry.

A diner waitress gave us the secret to cleaning the inside of the syphon bottle. This will also work with your coffee pot.

  • Carefully remove the Syphon Tube and push two small ice cubes in, one teaspoon of baking soda and a little warm water.
  • Put your hand over the top and shake vigorously.
  • Pour out contents.
  • Rinse with cold water.

Sometimes CO2 when mixed with certain minerals from your water, can create an unpleasant odor. There is really nothing you can do about it except to clean the bottle as mentioned above.

Cylinder Use

One charger or cylinder is used for 1 liter of seltzer made. The entire contents of the cylinder are transferred to the seltzer bottle once pierced. Average shelf life for cylinders is 10 years. Please store in an area no higher than 120° F and no lower than 32° F.

Refill Cylinders
Refill cylinders can usually be found in store locations where Mr. Fizz Seltzer bottles are sold. You can however contact us or join the Seltzer Club, which entitles you to special offers and delivery of refill cylinders right to your doorstep.

Spare Parts

Some of our seltzer bottles come with spare parts.
Please contact us if additional parts are needed.
(800) 984-9793 or E-mail:

Parts List for FizzLite
11A01   Grommet 11A07  Bolt* 11A16  O-Ring 11A48  Gas Valve
11A03  Piercing Pin 11A08  Lever 11A17  Valve 11A49  Charge Holder
11A04  Charge Washer 11A12  Syphon Tube 11A18  Spring 11A50  Key
11A05  Retaining Ring 11A13  Tube Washer 11A19  Top Cap 11A52  Blue Bottle
11A06  Thread Cap 11A15  Valve Washer 11A23  Over Fill Sleeve 11A53  White Bottle
*Not all units equipped with this bolt.

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Everyone has as an opportunity to provide input as to quality, safety, design considerations, and the shape of the next generation of Mr. Fizz seltzer bottles. We have provided this e-mail link directly to our technical engineering department so you can make your suggestions. If we use your idea, we will pay you $100, so be sure to include your mailing address. Add yours today and you could win $100!

May I make a suggestion?

The FizzLite 1.0 Liter Seltzer bottle is a product that has been refined over the last 35 years to ensure safety and enjoyment to all those who use it. However, CO2 cylinders can be dangerous if misused. We hope that you enjoy your seltzer bottle, as it has been tested to provide trouble-free operation.
FizzLite pict

Following are some of the ideas for product
improvements we've received:

  • I think you should make a seltzer bottle that doesn't drip!
    All seltzer bottles drip! After you have dispensed seltzer through the nozzle and release off the handle, several more annoying drips and drops continue to come from the nozzle. This is trapped water in the nozzle after you have shut off the valve. Sometimes, the valve handle needs to be lifted up on lightly to cure a persistent drip. We are sorry about the drip, but it is inherent in the product design.

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